We have all heard the phrase “net neutrality” come up in the news as a recent topic of debate. If not, then let me just break it down for you. Net neutrality is the idea that all websites should be given equal treatment online. The internet operates under the influence of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which navigate internet users to the specific sites that they would like to visit. Some websites may load faster than others due to the influence of “fast lanes” and “slow lanes”. Big websites and companies tend to use fast lanes because they have the financial resources to pay extra for their sites to load faster. However, smaller websites, such as your friend’s blog will not load as fast as your Netflix. The topic has sprawled a long history of court cases and legal conflicts regarding the rules of the Internet. On February 24, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Chairman wheeler, held a hearing that discussed various online rules and open internet prospects. Many opponents of net neutrality argue that the decision will initiate expensive government regulations and force major Internet Service Providers, such as Verizon to cut back on new technology investments, which will ultimately limit innovation.

What’s your take on the net neutrality debate?


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